2020 Board of Directors

2020 Board of Directors:

Co-Chairs: David Fujimoto & Catie Arbona
Immediate Past Co-Chair:
Gina Simi
Joshua Uribe-Ramirez
Crispin Hollings
Gregory Flores

Lei Asato, Co-Chair
Brenden Shucart, Co-Chair
Scott Carlson, Member ^
Brian Leubitz, Member  **
Brit Morgan, Member ^

Thomas Li, Co-Chair
Kory Powell-McCoy, Co-Chair
Jack Song, Member  *
Selina Sun, Member
Lisa Williams, Member  *

Olivia Parker, Co-Chair
Alex Sayde, Co-Chair
Neil Penick, Member
Oliver Truong, Member
Mawuli Tugbenyoh, Member

Scott Andreas, Co-Chair
MacKenzie Ewing, Co-Chair
Shannon Amitin, Member
Carly Burns, Member
Gregory Margida, Member
Gillian Gillett, Member
Michael Chen, Member ^

Iowayna Pena, Co-Chair
Martin Rawlings-Fein, Co-Chair
Joel Engardio, Member ^
Tariq Jalal, Member
Eric Lukoff, Member **
Adam Javier Rey, Member

Gary McCoy, Co-Chair
Adam Mehis, Co-Chair
Louise Fischer, Member**
Kristen Webb, Member

De’Anthony Jones, Co-Chair
Joey Sweiss, Co-Chair
Emily Ayers, Member
Owen Stephens, Member *
Lydia Wood, Member^

Keith Baraka, Co-Chair*
Phil Kim, Co-Chair
Ron Flynn, Member**
Myong Leigh, Member*
Danielle Siragusa, Member

Senior Advisory Board
Anna Damiani
Matthew Rothschild
Jim Illig
Mark Dunlop
Charles Sheehan
Michael Costa
Alex Randolph

Former Co-Chairs
Susan Christian
Carole Cullum
Zoe Dunning
Fran Kipnis
Rebecca Prozan
Bentrish Satarzadeh
Theresa Sparks
Hon. Scott Wiener

^ Affiliate Member
* Emeritus Board
** Former Alice Co-Chair

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