Joseph R Biden, Jr.

U.S. House, District 12
Nancy Pelosi

U.S. House, District 14
Jackie Speier

California Senate, District 11
Scott Wiener

State Assembly, District 17
David Chiu

State Assembly, District 19
Phil Ting


San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 1:
No Position
San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 3:
Rank #1: Aaron Peskin
Rank #2: No Endorsement
San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 5:
Rank #1: Vallie Brown
Rank #2: Dean Preston
San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 7:
Rank #1: Myrna Melgar
Rank #2: Joel Engardio
San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 9:
No Endorsement
San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 11:
Rank #1: Ahsha Safai
Rank #2: No Endorsement
San Francisco Board of Education (4 Seats, Not Ranked):
Alida Fisher
Jenny Lam
Michelle Parker
Mark Sanchez
San Francisco Community College Board (4 Seats, Not Ranked):
Aliya Chisti
Tom Temprano
Shanell Williams
Alan Wong
BART Board, District 7:
Lateefah Simon
BART Board, District 9:
Bevan Dufty

San Francisco Propositions (Prop Letters TBD):

Prop A: Health and Homelessness, Parks, and Streets Bond: YES
Prop B: Public Works Commission, Department of Sanitation and Streets, and Sanitation and Streets Commission: NO POSITION  
Prop C: Removing Citizenship Requirements for Members of City Bodies: YES
Prop D: Sheriff Oversight Commission & IG: YES
Prop E: Police Staffing Levels: YES
Prop F: Business Tax Overhaul: YES
Prop G: Youth Voting in Local Elections: YES
Prop H: Neighborhood Commercial Districts and City Permitting – Save Our Small Businesses: YES
Prop I: Real Estate Transfer Tax: YES
Prop J: Parcel Tax for San Francisco Unified School District: YES
Prop K: Affordable Housing Authorization – Social Housing: YES
Prop L: Business Tax Based on Comparison of Top Executive’s Pay to Employees’ Pay: YES
Measure RR: 1/8 Cent Sales Tax To Fund Caltrain: YES

California State Propositions:
Prop 14: Borrowing for STEM Cell Research: YES
Prop 15: Schools and Communities First: YES
Prop 16: Repeals Proposition 209, ending the ban on affirmative action: YES
Prop 17: Free the Vote, grants the right to vote to people on parole: YES
Prop 18: Allows 17-year olds to vote, if they turn 18 by the general election: YES
Prop 19: Property Tax Breaks and Wildfire Fund: YES
Prop 20: Tougher on parole, property crimes: NO
Prop 21: Rent Control: YES
Prop 22: Repeals AB 5, classifies ride-hail, other app-drivers as self-employed: NO
Prop 23: Regulates dialysis clinics: YES
Prop 24: Stronger consumer privacy laws: NO POSITION
Prop 25: End Cash Bail: YES

Bylaws Change Adoption:
Alice B. Toklas LGBTQ Club Bylaws Change Adoption: YES
The bylaws amendments would replace the word ‘transgender’ with the word ‘trans’ and add the word ‘queer’ and the letter ‘Q’ to LGBT so that all places that presently say ‘LGBT’ would say ‘LGBTQ’ wherever the Club’s name is stated in the bylaws. There were some non-substantive numbering changes to other parts of the bylaws.
Club Policy Adoption:
Alice B. Toklas LGBT Club Policy Plank Adoption: YES
We urge city, state, and federal officials to center the voices of Black communities when discussing both the reinvestment of money into Black communities and extending reparations to Black communities. 
As the systematic oppression of our Black neighbors and colleagues continues locally, across the state, and nationally, we find it important now more than ever to focus on dismantling systems and practices that have perpetuated that oppression. This also includes our own experiences as well. We believe that dismantling these systems starts with centering the experiences and voices of Black communities, including our own members. It is important that Black communities are supported wholeheartedly when offering solutions and ideas to uplift their communities. Consequently, we also believe that it is not the place of non-Black community members to prescribe what those solutions should be and/or look like even as well-intentioned allies. The best way to serve as allies is to uplift the voices of the Black community and not to become the voices of Black communities.


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+ Denotes Alice Board member.

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