On September, 14, 2015, Alice voted overwhelmingly to early endorse Supervisor Scott Wiener for State Senate.scott-endorsements-side


Not only because Scott Wiener was co-chair of the Alice B Toklas LGBT Democratic Club for two years, or because he offers the opportunity to keep our queer State Senate representation. Those are both true, but over the six years he has served as District 8 Supervisor and during his service as San Francisco Democratic Party Chair, Alice membership has grown to respect how hard Scott works for our community.


➤ Fought to improve MUNI and regional public transportation

➤ Passed first in the nation legislation for full wage replacement for paid parental leave and worked to expand access to affordable child care.

➤ Increased the number of rent controlled apartments in the City

➤ Fought for affordable housing for low- and middle-income families

This November, join the Alice B Toklas LGBT Democratic Club in voting Scott Wiener for State Senate!

Would you like to get involved to help? Email field@alicebtoklas.org to join our efforts to keep our LGBT Senate representation and help elect the hardest working Supervisor to the Senate!


Paid for by the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club PAC, FPPC #842018

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