Alice Endorsements for November 2016

Paid for by the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club PAC, FPPC #842018

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Endorsements carried over from June 2016:

Hillary Clinton for President
Kamala Harris for US Senate
Nancy Pelosi for Congress, District 12
Jackie Speier for Congress, District 14
Scott Wiener for CA Senate, District 11
David Chiu for Assembly District 17
Phil Ting for Assembly District 19
Paul Henderson for Superior Court Judge

Board of Supervisors

District 1: Philhour, Marjan
District 3: No Position
District 5: Breed, London – Sole endorsement
District 7: No Position
District 9: Arce, Joshua
District 11: Safai, Ahsha

CCSF Board of Trustees

Alex Randolph
Amy Bacharach
Rafael Mandelman
Shanell Williams

Board of Education

Jill Wynns
Matthew Haney
Rachel Norton
Stevon Cook

BART Board District 7:  Lateefah Simon
BART Board District 9: Gwyneth Borden

Ballot Measures

Position Ballot Measure Text
YES A Our Kids Deserve Strong Schools
YES B Expand Opportunities at City College
YES C Create More Affordable Housing
NO D Political Games with Appointments
YES E Healthy Trees, Safe Sidewalks
YES F Voting Rights for Youth
YES G Police Accountability
NO H Expensive new city elected office
YES I Dignity Fund for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities
YES J Support Comprehensive Homeless and Transportation Planning
YES K Fund Comprehensive Homeless and Transportation Planning
NO L Political Games with MUNI
NO M Political Games with Housing
YES N Voting Rights for School Parents
YES O Jobs, Housing, and Parks in Hunters Point
NO P More Political Games with Housing
No Position Q Homeless Tent Regulations
YES R New Police Neighborhood Crime Unit
NO S Poorly Written and Cuts Valued City Services
No Position T Lobbyist Regulations
No Position U Affordable Housing Income Levels
YES V Healthy Kids and Families
YES W Real Estate Tax for Free City College
NO X Even More Political Games with Housing
YES RR For a Safe and Reliable BART
YES 51 Support Quality Education around the State
YES 52 Strengthen Medi-Cal
NO 53 Stop the Attack on Local Control
NO 54 Costly Special Interest Proposition
YES 55 Fund Education and Healthcare
YES 56 Cigarettes Kill, Fund Health Programs
YES 57 Common sense sentencing reform
YES 58 Multilingual Education for a 21st Century Economy
YES 59 Oppose Citizens United
NO 60 Dangerous Porn Production Regulations
NO 61 AHF’s Poorly Written Rx Scheme
YES 62 End the Death Penalty
YES 63 Support Gun Control
YES 64 Legalize and regulate marijuana.
NO 65 Plastic Bag Industry Poison Pill
NO 66 Removes Critical Death Penalty Safeguards
YES 67 Keep the Plastic Bag Ban


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