2015 Alice Slate

Alice is excited to announce our club’s official endorsements for the fall election! On August 19, the Alice membership met and voted to endorse the following candidates:

Mayor: Edwin Lee

Sheriff: Vicki Hennessy

District Attorney: George Gascón

District 3 Supervisor: Julie Christensen

City Attorney: Dennis Herrera

Treasurer: Jose Cisneros

City College Board: Alex Randolph


Additionally, the membership voted to endorse these positions on the San Francisco ballot initiatives:

Ballot Initiatives:

Prop A Affordable Housing Bond: Yes

Prop B Paid Parental Leave Enhancement: Yes

Prop C Expenditure Lobbyists Ordinance: Yes

Prop D Mission Rock: Yes

Prop E Requirements for Public Meetings: No

Prop F Short-Term Residential Rentals: No

Prop G Disclosures Regarding Renewable Energy: No

Prop H Clean Energy Right to Know: Yes

Prop I Mission Housing Moratorium: No

Prop J Legacy Business Historic Preservation Fund: No position

Prop K Surplus City Property Ordinance: Yes

Paid for by the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club PAC, FPPC #842018

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