Brett Andrews has served as the Executive Director of the Positive Resource Center (PRC), a non-profit organization that provides culturally appropriate professional benefits counseling and employment services to people affected by or at risk for HIV/AIDS, especially low-income residents of San Francisco since 1987.

Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club wrote in support of Brett Andrews’s application to serve on the city’s ethics commission.

Brett Andrews’s appointment to the SF Ethics Commission was approved by the Rules Committee and was forwarded to the Board of Supervisors for final approval.

On Tuesday, June 4th, 2013, the Board of Supervisors approved his nomination as the next Ethics Commissioner.
The ethics commission has not had an LGBT member since Eileen Hansen left the panel in 2011.

We congratulate Brett Andrews on his new appointment.
Brett would like to to thank Alice and everyone for their support. Great day for the Ethics Commission!

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